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At The Talent Finder Bureau We Develop Your Talent Strategy And Source You The UK's Top Talent! 

We are very different to the standard recruitment firm because we source you individual's with the correct energy type for your role (using a system devised by Nick Haines and Five Institute )we build teams where everyone is working in alignment with their natural skill set, energy type and flow, increasing productivity and morale. 

We work with new paradigm businesses finding them the UK's leading talent based on energy type best suited for their organisation.

We work with the business owner to discover their genius and build teams around them which complement their skills sets and energy type. Please get in contact for more details. 

At The Talent Finder Bureau We Develop Your Talent Strategy And Source You The UK's Top Talent! 

'Let us help you implement a robust  talent strategy and shape your recruitment process'

Kitty has over twenty years experience in the world of talent. From finding on the ground talent sourcing to starting and running successful firms.

"Most businesses look to hire too late when they have the need therefore panic hiring and making mistakes.

At the Talent Finder Bureau we not only help you implement a robust talent strategy but shape your recruitment process based on the company and persons energy type." 

At The Talent Finder Bureau We Have Over
Twenty Years Experience In The Human Capital Field.
Let Us Develop Your Talent Strategy And
Source You The UK's Top Talent.


Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see

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